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For those who are interested in the Crypto market, especially the Avalanche ecosystem, it is impossible not to know Usman Asim. Recently, this ecosystem is growing very strongly when web2 giant Amazon announced a partnership. So let’s find out with Avaxholics who Usman Asim is and what role it plays in the Avalanche ecosystem!

Who is Usman Asim?

Usman Asim is currently Developer Relations & Head of Avalanche Ecosystem, was an important brainchild and strategic advisor to the Avalanche. He has extensive experience in the Crypto field as a Software Engineer at many famous companies such as Chainstack, SugarBlock, and San Diego,…

Usman Asim

He has also recently made many contributions to the ecosystem, especially an idea for a new Dapp, he also praises Avalanche big-picture technical specs, such as low transaction fees, rapid finality, and infinite scalability.

He needed a blockchain that was fast, decentralized, and flexible. He required an architecture that could include ZKs for privacy-related purposes. To fine-tune an optimum execution environment, he needed to design his own Rust VM. In about two weeks, Usman built a custom Rust VM with ZKs on Avalanche — BulletproofVM — to be the foundation for his dream dApp.

He believes that Avalanche’s rate of expansion and innovation outpaces all other chains: “no better place to build than Avalanche”.

His next big project – Speake

Recently, Usman Asim has been developing a new project, Speake, which is a science and technology start-up.


This is a project that will be built on the Avalanche system because it is suitable and takes advantage of many benefits of this ecosystem such as:

  • Fee: transaction costs are cheap, deploying a project on Avalanche is only 1/10 of what it is on Ethereum.
  • Speed: Avalanche transaction processing speed is just under 2 seconds.
  • Customization: With Avalanche, developers have full control over how smart contracts work. They have the ability to govern who may view and interact with the Dapp, as well as the virtual machine or programming language it uses. It also allows decentralized finance applications by generating smart assets.

Although the project is only at the incubation stage, for someone with hard experience in the field of technology like Usman Asim, this is probably a project you should put on the watchlist to follow.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/speakeofficial


Usman Asim is a developer with long-term expertise and experience in the field of technology in particular and Crypto in general. He contributed a lot to the Avalanche ecosystem and the fact that the Avalanche ecosystem is growing is no surprise.

Speake.io will also be a project worth paying attention to in the future if the Avalanche system continues to be built strongly.


All information in the article is for reference only, this is not investment advice. Hopefully, the information that Avaxholic has gathered in the article will be useful to you.

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