What Is Swimmer Network? Everything You Should Know Before Investing In Swimmer Network

What Is Swimmer Network?

Swimmer Network (subnet) is a dedicated blockchain for gaming that leverages the existing infrastructure and security of the Avalanche Network and powered by Crabada.

The team is bringing a fun, engaging, and frictionless experience for both game enthusiasts and game developers on the blockchain!

What Are Swimmer Network Tokens?

CRA (Crabada)

CRA is a governance token which is rewarded via staking, and playing the game during the incentive period.

Before the launch of the Idle game, CRA can be initially obtained through a Community Bootstrap Event, or via DEX after the Community Bootstrap Event.

TUS (Treasure Under Sea)

TUS is the in-game currency earned via playing the game in the form of Mining, Looting and Lending Crabs via the Tavern.

What Are Swimmer Network’s Features?

Swimmer Wrap


swimmer network features

How Swimmer Network Works


The Subnet EVM runs in a separate process from the main AvalancheGo process and communicates with it over a local gRPC connection

Gas token (TUS): TUS is the gas token of Swimmer Network.

Gas Fee Structure

Transaction gas fees are based on EIP-1559Base Fee is set at 10,000 gwei

Fee Pool and Distribution

Transaction fees are initially collected into a fee pool. These fees are then split between burning, ecosystem, and validator awards.

Burn Rate

Initially, 50% of the fee pool will be burnt. This proportion might change over time.


Initially, 10% of the fee pool will be allocated to growing the ecosystem. This proportion might change over time.

Distribution to Validators

Initially, validators are allocated 40% of TUS gas fees from the fee pool based on the weight of CRA staked on C-Chain.


Supported Assets


  • CRA
  • TUS
  • CRAM


  • Crabada

Bridge Options

Swimmer Bridge

  • Only used for ERC-721 NFT Bridging (Crabadas)

LayerZero Bridge

  • Only used for ERC-20 Token Bridging (CRA/TUS/CRAM)

Celer cBridge

  • Only used for ERC-20 Token Bridging (CRA/TUS/CRAM)

How To Get Swimmer Network Tokens?

CRA (Crabada)

$CRA is now available to buy/sell/swap on Trader Joe Exchange, Pangolin, MEXC, and many more

TUS (Treasure Under Sea)

$TUS can be earned through gameplay, or bought via Trader Joe Exchange, CoinEx

For further details, read more:

How To Use Trader Joe For Avalanche Users?


Price Chart

Key Metrics Of Swimmer Network () Token

Token Name: Crabada Token
Ticker: $CRA
Blockchain: Avalanche
Token Standard: ARC-20
Contract: 0xa32608e873f9ddef944b24798db69d80bbb4d1ed
Token Type: Utility Token
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 CRA
Circulating Supply: 119,982,538 CRA

Allocation (CRA)


15 May 2022
Update Pocket RPC – Network Details
14 May 2022
Added LayerZero Bridge Guide – LayerZero Bridge Guide
Updated Bridging Detail page – Bridging Detail
13 May 2022
Added Contracts Page – Reward Pool
Added Pocket Network RPC – Pocket Network RPC
12 May 2022
Updated Token List – Tokens
Updated cBridge Guide – cBridge Bridging Guide
11 May 2022
Updated Bridging Detail page – Bridging Detail
Updated Swimmer Bridge Guide – Swimmer Bridge Guide
Updated LayerZero Bridge Guide – LayerZero Bridge Guide
10 May 2022
Added Avascan Block Explorer – Avascan
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09 May 2022
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Updated Gas Fees – Gas Fees
24 April 2022
Added Avalanche Block Explorer – Explorer
24 April 2022
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21 April 2022
Added Alpha Test Swimmer page – Alpha Test Swimmer
18 April 2022
Updated Network Details – Network Details


Team, Partners and Investors


Oxtender (Co-Founder) | Twitter

Jay (Co-Founder)

Fuji (Co-Founder) | Twitter

NH (Co-Founder)

Jessie Morii (Creative Lead) | Twitter

LA (Game Leader)

Min (Lead Artist)

Shinigummy (Marketing Lead) | Twitter

OTS (Content and Design Strategist) | Twitter



Should You Invest In Swimmer Network (Subnet of Crabada)?

Mine: An activity that uses 3 crabs to participate in mining, mining can be interrupted by robberies made by other players. This is the main activity that generates income for users.
Loot: Is the activity of using 3 crabs to rob the mines being exploited by other players, successfully robbing the player will receive a reward from what is mined.
Tarven: Crab rental operation. This means that the Mine side and the Loot side both have the right to Tarven to aid in anti-loot or increase the number of troops going to Loot.
Breeding: Breed new crabs by combining 2 crabs together and selling them on MarketPlace.
Staking CRA: Join Staking to receive CRAM tokens and have a chance to participate in the lottery to receive special rewards.


Discord: https://discord.com/invite/BWn5vvrmuW

Medium: https://medium.com/@swimmer_network


All information on the article is for reference only, this is not investment advice. Hopefully, the information that Avaxholic has gathered in the article will be useful to you.

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