What Is Faucet? How To Earn Free Crypto For Avalanche Users

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Recently, crypto faucets have gained popularity by offering prizes of up to 500 APT (approximately 5000$). So, what exactly is a crypto faucet? and how to obtain free AVAX testnet in Avalanche.

What Is Faucet?

Faucet crypto is a small reward in the form of coins/tokens given to users once they complete one or more simple activities on the specified product. Faucet provides customers with minimal resources that allow them to participate in product or network experiences early on, earning specific outcomes.

However, this is not how people may get wealthy in the market; faucet programs or features always provide extremely little and restricted returns. The lower the incentive, the easier the task.

Avalanche Faucet

The term ‘Avalanche Faucet’ refers to an open platform where developers and fans can claim free AVAX on the Avalanche testnet. It stimulates most conditions of the mainnet, where developers can deploy a demo Smart Contract.

Anyone can access the Avalanche Faucet to claim testnet AVAX at faucet.avax-test.network 

What Is Faucet?

Currently, Avalanche has two testnets which are Fuji Network and Avalanche Network Runner.

Snowtrace, Fuji’s specialized Explorer, is also available. This is the same as the mainnet version, and it works identically, except it has the subdomain ‘testnet.snowtrace’. Testnet Snowtrace allows users to acquire Blockchain data such as Txhash, token information, wallet balance, and so on. To access Fuji Testnet Explorer, please go to testnet.snowtrace.io

How To Earn AVAX Testnet

Step 1: Get your wallet

In order to receive AVAX testnet, you need to have a wallet. In case you have not had the wallet address yet, you can use Core Wallet and read the installation instruction in this article: How to use Core Wallet for Avalanche users?

Step 2: Add Fuji C-chain To The Wallet

  • On the home screen, click ” See all networks”, then click the icon “+” on the top right

Step 3: Claiming AVAX testnet

  • Then click “Request 2 AVAX”

Once you did, you will receive your AVAX in 5 to 10 miniutes.

Step 4: Test Projects On Avalanche

After obtaining the coin faucet, users merely need to look for projects that include testnet or devnet programs in order to participate and report back to the project side while waiting for the payout. The most essential thing is to understand how to pick a suitable project to testnet in order to prevent scams or hacks that result in financial loss.

Currently, there are some testnet that you may want to try out such as Colony, Trader Joe, etc. Furthermore, the complexity of participation in testnet and devnet will be determined by the tasks and prizes associated with each project.

Risks You May Encounter

  • Some websites contain a Faucet function that spreads malware to the computer, inflicting harm to the user’s machine and e-wallet property.
  • Not all faucet cryptocurrency sites provide the expected outcomes. Because the incentives are not proportionate, some faucet sites will just make you feel like a waste of time.
  • Check the link before doing Testnet to avoid being hacked.

Avaxholic’s Opinions

Faucet is a very basic form that does not require customers to invest any significant assets. What you need is a credible website and knowledge on activities that might generate more profit, allowing you to obtain greater rewards from the modest quantity of tokens returned by the faucet to your wallet. This is also a “life-changing” path for some people.

However, the testnet reward rate is presently relatively low; not many testnet deployment projects offer user incentives; you should carefully read the requirements and regulations before proceeding. Moreover, you should exercise extreme caution while using crypto faucets on unauthorized websites or testnet projects, as frauds employing this feature are prevalent.


Finally, hope this article has explained and guided you to understand how to distinguish as well as the purpose of using the faucet.

All information in the article is for reference only, this is not investment advice. Hopefully, the information that Avaxholic has gathered in the article will be useful to you.

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