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The past few days at SlothFi have been nothing more exciting than the MMORPG coming out with an app called Defimons. Stay tuned to this article to know what defimons are, and what it means for user roadmaps and tokens.

Overview of DefiMons

Defimons is a cross-chain NFT-based MMORPG, where players can buy, sell and auction their defimon NFTs. Fight and tame wild defimons. compete in Defimon competitions by fighting other players.

DeFimons takes the best of NFTs, blockchain, and Web 2 worlds without the underlying technology hindering the user experience. All player stats will be stored on the blockchain, and you can buy and trade different items such as monsters, skins, and apartments.

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Types of Defimons

Defimons will be divided into generations.

  • On the Harmony Protocol, Gen0 and Gen1 will be produced. There will be three types of these two generations: Air, Water, and Land.
  • Gen2 and Gen3 will be minted on another blockchain. There will be three varieties of these two generations: Ice, Apocalyptic, and Electric.

There will be 33 definimons in each generation.

However, it’s possible that the Wilderlands have more uncommon Defimons.

Once our wiki is live, further details regarding Defimons will be made available.

How does it work?

Wild animal habitats have been destroyed as people have attempted to conquer the globe for thousands of years. These people have murdered wild creatures, damaged the environment, and even destroyed the entire ecosystem.

These animals have special abilities that the gods have given them so they can defend themselves against the turmoil of humans. Humans are split into groups, each of which seeks to save and defend its members. The following group, however, wants to exploit these animals and use them to produce energy.

At DeFimons, players have the free will to choose between good and evil. A player can choose any side as a player and stick with the plot that best suits their playing preferences. It is important to remember that the choices made cannot be changed.

Animals from the real world are used to create DeFimons. These creatures’ ancestry is uncertain. A DeFimon, on the other hand, will have a normal defense, a normal attack, two special attacks, and two special defenses. One attack and one defense from the two special defenses and two special attacks are carried over the course of a DeFimon’s existence, therefore these characteristics remain constant regardless of player skill level or upgrades.

Play-to-earn mechanics in DeFiMons

The economics of the game DeFimons is designed with self-sustainability in mind. Stamina packs, health packs, and other small NFT sales will primarily be used to fund PVP competition prizes and produce weekly incentives.

Additionally, the game has a built-in DEX that will power and support the economy using the trading fees accrued. NFTs will provide players greater control over the things they discover, seize, or acquire while playing a game.

Players can use NFTs and in-game currency to:

  • Purchase houses, character gear, health packs, and fruits.
  • Farm and stake
  • Complete weekly tasks to get a variety of prizes.
  • Battles in PvE can be used to capture rare monster NFTs.
  • PvP combat for rewards
  • P2P marketplace for clothing, houses, and monsters


  • Token name: $SLOTH
  • Token symbol:
  • Total max supply: 300 million tokens

Token Allocation

There will be a gaming economy to compensate players and maintain the token price. There are several uses for the tokens. Selling DeFimons that players have caught in the wild, designing and selling apartments, winning PvP matches, receiving weekly mission prizes, farming, and staking are all ways that players can make money while playing the game.



The project’s development into newer cities, monsters, and plotlines will be the main focus of this phase.

  • PvP Tournaments
  • Heiwa City Expansion
  • Kurayami City Expansion
  • Generation 1 Initial Mint
  • Apartments Sale for Heiwa City
  • Apartments Sale for Kurayami City


The project’s growth into other chains, and the addition of additional worlds, creatures, and storylines are the main objectives of this phase.

  • The World of Nefaria Expansion (Second Chain TBD)
  • Generation 2 Initial Mint
  • Charington City Expansion
  • Apartments Sale for Charington City



All information in the article is for reference only, this is not investment advice. Hopefully, the information that Avaxholic has gathered in the article will be useful to you.

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