Weekly 23 On Chain Recap

Welcome to Week 23 On Chain Recap of Avaxholic. Here we cover events from June 6th to June 12th.

Upcoming Events In Week 23

  • 6th June:

Castle Crush minting NFT

JPEGvault listing LBank

MadSkulls minting NFT

  • 7th June:

Shrapnel minting whitelist

Pod People minting NFT

Meta Skellies minting NFT

Hunny Finance launching on Avalanche

  • 9th June:

HASHI minting NFT

Shrapnel public minting on Opensea

  • 11th June:

Pandania minting NFT

Week 23 On Chain Highlights

A lot have happened last week on the Avalanche Network. To begin with, let’s take a look at the highlights of Avalanche projects on week 23:

On Avalanche Network, we have updated projects such as the Platypus has launched its Factory Pool Stablecoin. In addition, this DEX protocol’s pools for YUSS and USDC are now live on Vector, the auto-yield compounder which has just joined Avalanche. There are other yield projects also has updated, for example, Yield Yak introduced yyAVAX liquid staking token. Specially, it charged zero fees when using Yak Swap.

Other than that, Joepegs, the NFT Marketplace which developed by TraderJoe, will update the Launchpad feature after launching on May 6th. And The Person, an Unique NFTs collection of a family where we are all ourselves and grow up together, will mint NFT on this marketplace on 17th June.

Speaking of TraderJoe, one of the most famous one-stop decentralized trading on Avalanche, it not goes without pointing out that SteakHut Finance double rewards farm on this exchange is extened for another 30 days. Besides that, Nereus Finance is now added boost APR for this AMM platform.

If we take a look at the gaming, there are many noticeable events such as Heroes of NFT testnet opened to the public, Castle Crush started minting Ascended and Founder Chest, and Shrapnel’s public sale on June 9th.

To more detailed, let’s go through the ranking of GameFi projects on Avalanche by community size.

As we can see, Step.app, a move-to-earn game app, although released just recently, is on the 1st place with 285.4k users. Snake City, Meta Oasis orderly came the second and third with 219.9k and 213.4k users in the community.

So what’s the future of GameFi from now on? Let’s talk about trending gaming landscape right now!

According to the table, Pirates of the Arrland and CryptoBlades Kingdoms comes up with MMO trending, whereas Step App and Snail Trail are the famous gamefi projects on fitness economy. There are many trendy projects relevants to collection, such as CryptoBlades, TCG World, Avaxtars and NFT Soccer Games.


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