How To Get NFT On Element NFT Marketplace?

Element provides a multi-chain and open marketplace where you can trade Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and Avalanche assets and find any of the collections. In this article, Avaxholic will show you how to get NFT in this marketplace.

What Is Element NFT Marketplace?

Element is a decentralized NFT marketplace based on a decentralized blockchain network that helps you create, discover and exchange, providing a value trading platform for both NFT creators and investors.

Through the creation and auction mechanism provided by NFT smart contract, Element provides creators with a fair path to realize their creation, and investors with safe and equal investment opportunities in the primary marketplace, to enable free circulation of NFT market value.

What Are The Features?

As an emerging NFT trading marketplace favored by capital, Element was designed from three perspectives, including creators, users, and community, in order to help a large number of users enter the NFTs market and promote the integration between the traditional market and crypto economy.

In terms of platform functionality, Element has three main features:

  • Create means mint
  • Disvocer means search
  • Exchange

In terms of product design, Element thinks about all aspects of uploading, storing as well as trading to provide a friendly market environment for art creators, and it has eight features:

  • Support for zero-cost NFT mint
  • Support for 4 mainstream decentralized storage
  • Support for NFT file sizes
  • Protecting creators/ rights and prohibiting malicious bot bidding
  • Two language version, optimization of NFTs search
  • English Auction Gas Fee Subsidy
  • Lowes transaction fees
  • Cross-chain interoperability

How To Get NFT On Element NFT Marketplace?

Please complete all the following operations in the web browser, Google Chrome is recommended.


Before we begin, we need to have the Metamask wallet installed and connected to a network (for this tutorial, Avaxholic will be using AVAX token of Avalanche).

Download Metamask here:

To further details, read more:

What Is Metamask Wallet? How To Use Metamask

How Do I Get Started?

  • Step 1: Access To Element’s Website

If your wallet is already configured for Avalanche, your first stop will be to to access the website.

  • Step 2: Connect to Metamask Wallet

Then connect using Metamask, click on the MetaMask icon.

  • Step 3: Go to the Marketplace and find the NFTs to buy

On the main page, choose Marketplace from Explore option:

Then, scroll down and pick the NFT you would like to purchase. You can also use the Filters on the left hand or click on Sort by on the right hand to see more.

  • Step 4: Buying

Click on Buy Now button and then it gives you a total details, click Check out to load up your Metamask Wallet.

After that, the system will charge a small fee. And if you agree, click Confirm.

  • Step 5: Finishing

So you finish buying NFTs from Element, waiting to make a profit on the platform!


All information on the article is for reference only, this is not investment advice. Hopefully, the information that Avaxholic has gathered in the article will be useful to you.

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